What skills are needed for advanced call-center in the IT field? (with possible options)

5-6 years ago it couldn’t be true that it is possible to carry out an authentication in the voice call-center. In addition to it, search of key words while voice recognition and understanding what happened before and after pause more than 3 seconds were something fantastic. Nowadays it’s valid solutions.

Speaking about the automatic system of schedule formation we can’t but mention, it was rarity ten years ago. Installation of such system helps banks to save money today. Operators don’t receive bonus payments but have a chance to have comfortable schedules for them as a reward. It’s also save a budget.

Applications and addresses in the written form, letters, calls, messages in the social networks (Facebook, Twitter) were insolvent facts which operator couldn’t see in the interface for answers 3 years ago.

To create a united call-center it’s necessary to have at least 10 workplaces. Everything is realized without using special software program and based on the intuition. When there are 50 operators it’s an opportunity not to use automation (besides especial problem zones). Otherwise, it’s needed to ask the leadership to solve this problem. When the number of operators became more than 50, it’s needed to use the software. Such software programs must cover all structure of the call-center and be responsible for solving all appeared problems.

Excising situations

There isn’t call-center. Let’s say, we have a branch of a company from the West. It can be new customer or a customer who has been already committed, created data center. Customer is needed in the united call-center. It isn’t hard. It’s even better starting something new then refactor.


There is a call-center and it needs expansion or debugging. Sometimes it’s necessary to add an auto-informational function, introduce a scope of existing control methods, install a system of changes according to schedule and compare operators’ data. Operators have to establish the identity of the client, look through the statistics of addresses and give identified customer on the next level of the processing of the application.

ATX (automatic telephone exchange)

Before solving cases it’s necessary to understand that discussed elements can find the implementation in the real life. Discussed elements are the software which can be installed on the customers’ servers.

The main point of the call-center is ATX. It’s main functional which distributes calls. It’s already known as systems type Asterisk. Customer’s requirements are different according to his type of activity. For example, bank organizations have need of multilevel fault tolerance (before the rejecting of the telephone system work of several systems will be disrupted (3-5)). Don’t change existing decisions while increasing business. There is no need to delete existing modules.

We can say that the call-center is superstructure to ATX which orient ATX according to logical functions of the call-center. It is operators grouping (operators who distributing calls); telephone (take and make calls which has the status of the operator with the opportunity of getting statistics, defining groups). For promotion of the commercial it means the addition of necessary functional which let to create real and reliable call center.