What platform choose to find professional freelancers?

In fact, the answer to this question is quite simply the first one is Upwork and the second one is Freelancer. These are the most popular and at the same time the most convenient places for searching for performers, so it doesn’t make sense to waste time on other freelance sites. That is why it is worthwhile to figure out what advantages and disadvantages these sites have in order to choose a platform that would be perfect for your needs. If you own a small business, then Upwork is the best choice for you. And that’s why:

1. Upwork Pro feature. At the Upwork freelancers would literally fight for your attention. However, most performers who would try to get your project would either be low-qualified or inexperienced. If you don’t want to go through dozens or even hundreds of proposals to find a good fit, Upwork could help you with “Pro” option. It is certainly not cheap – it costs 149$ per month, but for this payment, the manager of the platform will manually seek out the ideal freelancers for your task. If you often need new remote workers – this option can seriously help you.

2. Reliability. Although Upwork and Freelancer have roughly the same number of freelancers, Upwork mobile and desktop applications work a little better.

3. Customer Support. Upwork have a better-developed support service and it is much easier to reach them. Support services for both sites work 24/7. However, only Upwork has a telephone support branch, on the Freelancer only chat and email support are available.

However, we cannot say that the Freelancer platform has no advantages. Despite the fact that almost all freelancers that are on the Upwork also have accounts on the Freelancer, the latter has the option “Contest mode”. In this mode, you can expose your order (for example a site logo) and give freelancers a chance to complete the work according to your demands, until you’ll decide what artist would be perfect for you. This option is useful not only because it saves you time but also because it gives you an opportunity to understand how different performers perceive your brand.
And so, let’s sum up. For the most tasks, Upwork would be better. However, if your task is urgent – go to Freelancer.