What are the outsourcing call-centers and what are they needed for?


We live in the era of capitalism and there is a constant growth of the economy within in the civilized countries. Its growth causes the appearance of more and more companies competing with each other. The main problem of most companies is competition, which is the reason to constantly invent new and new methods of improving products and quality of service. Without this even the most original ideas are fruitless. To get out, you need to provide your services at a better level than competitors do. A company with a better service will always have a better chance of entering the market victoriously even with the other things being equal (product quality, for example).

There are outsourcing contact centers offering impressive opportunities for business development that solve the issues like:

  • Receiving incoming and outgoing calls to customers;
  • Cold calling (this is when specially trained people ring up potential customers for notification of ongoing promotions, new offers, etc.);
  • Creation and development of the client data base;
  • Telephone surveys, questionnaires;
  • A secret buyer (a service that allows you to control your personnel, or evaluate the service of a competitive company);
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Help desk (helping clients solve any problems);
  • Hot line;
  • Dispatch services.

Nowadays the practice of using the contact center has become quite entrenched, so finding a company that works “in the old manner” is very difficult. This is due primarily to the fact that call-centers show excellent results, and ordering their services will always be a good solution. This powerful marketing tool raises sales greatly.

How to choose  among the many?

There are many call centers on the market, and everyone guarantees the result. Everyone wants to attract the attention of the customer, and they shout that they are the best in their business. Perhaps you will now think that we are the same as everyone else. Perhaps we are. Although MoveUp Solutions’ call-center demonstrates the result on specific examples. Among our clients, there are such companies as:

  • Barbers Club KINGS;
  • Liberty National;
  • Crunchbase;
  • Luxmap.lu and many others.

Many companies like us operate on the international level, providing their services and products to the countries of the European Union and the United States. But the best advertising for us is the feedback of customers who saw the results with their own eyes.

What are we ready to offer you?

MoveUp outsourcing call center has been operating since 2003, and during this period we achieved impressive results in terms of working with the target audience of customers. We are ready to solve any tasks at the highest level, as well as:

  • Save you from routine and time-consuming work, freeing up time for something more important;
  • Handle any volumes of incoming information effectively;
  • Reduce the costs of enterprises and companies for the maintenance of employees (taking part of your work we are giving the opportunity to significantly reduce costs);
  • Create a database that includes the most useful information about customers (in fact, we will conduct a full-fledged study of your target audience to identify the most effective ways of interacting with it);
  • We will ensure a stable growth of customers through the improvement of the quality of service.

We carry out a thorough work aimed at a comprehensive increase in the efficiency of the customer’s company. Using modern technical capabilities, equipment and advanced telecommunication theories, we can guarantee all of the above. Our outsourcing center is the solution that you need.