Voice synthesis

Voice synthesis is applied to operation of interactive voice response systems (IVR). The most popular function of the voice synthesis is to name the subscriber a certain numerical size: balance on the cash card or on the mobile phone, the size of a contribution for the credit. Moreover, there is possible to inform about the working time of the office, location of the nearest terminal or ATM, the expected term of execution of visa documents and so forth. To sum up, IVR has access to the entrance to the database, reads out the necessary information there on demand and inform the client.

Outgoing calls also uses the voice synthesis. For example, while retail purchases in online stores bot calls you and specifies the date and time of the shipment and if the information is true it propose to press “1”. By the same principle support works (the request to estimate work of the operator).

Out of the question, bots became very “talkative”.

In our practice, we are introduced with interesting issues which were resolved thanks to dynamic IVR. We have one example. In one of the telecom company has organized a unique offers (bonuses and gifts for loyal clients, new packages of services, actions and discounts, etc.). There were huge amounts of the offers which should be realized by a bigger number of options of development. Logical and consecutive order in the automatic voice menu was made. It shows us good statistics of activation additional services. So, the work was completed effectively.

Such examples are in the financial operations sphere. Let’s imagine a classical situation: clients are divided into various segments (on the profitability level of the organization and involvement in financial transactions), and have various in fact requirements in obtaining the necessary information. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to complete all these needs in one automatic menu. Special designed IVR oriented on requiring needs and processes in each separate business that approaches to the client as a result.