Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant: development of sites under the key

MoveUp offers effective solution for promoting your business. We conduct a detailed audit of business processes to identify which tasks need to be solved and which aspects require the improvement of the website’s work. Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant is a flexible tool, which helps to optimize the working process according to any customer’s needs, starting with the site development in WordPress and up to the creating the detailed report to demonstrate the actual results.

Our employees are using the reliable soft including CRM-system, ERP-system and functional telephony panel, which gives a good push for any company’s development, no matter what goods or services you are promoting. This way you can actualize your site’s development on every level, as you will be provided with the access to a special program where the detailed information on the growth of sales and interaction with customers is provided in the convenient form. Our experience (MoveUp Solutions was founded in 2013) has shown that without thorough gathering and analysis of the statistics it is impossible to qualitatively develop commercial resources. That is why the best possible decision is to order the service of site development from us. Great experience and a close-knit team of professionals bring great results.

Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant provides many advantages:

  • Reduce costs for maintaining the site by automating multiple processes;
  • Individual approach for every client;
  • Filling the pages of the site with articles optimized for common key queries that reveal the essence of the company in parallel;
  • Customer assistance from the moment of project’s start up to the creation of a detailed report on the results;
  • Thorough target audience’s analysis ;
  • The development of the site;
  • Round-the-clock informational and technical customer support;
  • Providing feedback.

If you are interested in more detailed information concerning the co-working conditions or the Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant’s possibilities you can call one of the numbers on the website for consultation on the site development and other possibilities of our software.

To be certain in our team’s professionalism, we recommend you to visit the “Our results” page, where the detailed information about our regular customers and their success. Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant actually works and dozens of happy customers is the proof to that. There are a few variants of the site development services, so you can choose the one you believe to be the most necessary in your case.