• Filling website with content
  • Internet research
  • Live chat support
  • Data entry
  • SMM
  • Data base filling

Proper maintenance of your own website brings great results when it comes to marketing. Thanks to their website, companies are able to examine their target audience and effectively promote their services/products. However, the dark side of it – manage your site is hard enough. In addition, you have to either hire more staff or lose some of the information and customers. In this case, they need to implement software that simplifies content management process.

MoveUp – time for innovative solutions

Our virtual assistant takes care of all the monotonous and boring work, ranging from data analysis to filling the needed information. And make it exciting and appealing. Your employees can only promptly respond to incoming data and feedback.

Virtual Assistance – one of the most important components of MoveUp Solution’s CRM-system. We offer you a real solution, which at times will increase the productivity of your employees and help reach a completely new level of interaction with customers. Virtual Assistant perform 6 functions:
Automatic filling of the website in the CMS. Remote Assistance will fill your site with photos, upload videos and post text information without you (based on pre-specified criteria for selection).
Data collection and analysis. The system will receive and organize obtained information in the course of work. In fact, you will just receive a detailed report about website visitors and customers (infographics or any other alternative at your discretion).
Live chat. Remains one of the most common features integrated into modern sites. It will pop up in a form of a box and a customer will be able to ask important questions or leave contact information before making a purchase. Your manager will only have to call back and finish the sale.
Automatic data input into the system.
SMM-marketing (promotion of your services or products on social medias, work on improving the brand of your company).
Filling the database. Virtual Assistant will independently collect important information about customers on the internet and will save it in a convenient form. Also, he will collect such important data like phone number, address, place of residence, etc.
Creating e-mail addresses on different resources for further emailing of selling letters to customers. In fact, you will only have to prepare a letter and the system does the rest!

As you can see our Virtual Assistance, service becomes a powerful tool that will allow you to customize your interaction with customers.
Our task is to give you a genuine result. And we always achieve it at the highest level, as witnessed by our numerous customer reviews. Think about it, because soon you will be among them.

We do guarantee

Result. We are confident with the effectiveness of created algorithms because they respond well to our customers. Well, apart from the result, we will provide other benefits for you:
• Reliability and help with any questions about outsourcing, marketing, and telemarketing;
• Development of individual strategy for each case;
• Positive, human relations.

Are you interested in real results and innovative solutions? MoveUp is exactly what you need!