Virtual Assistant of MoveUp Solutions

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the most effective allies in the website management and interaction with clients. This program is capable of taking over not only the development of the website, but also many other functions like:

  • Data collecting and analysis. The system is able to gather and systematize the collected data, increasing the quality of interaction between the client and the website. As a result Virtual Assistant provides detailed report in form of infographics, lists, tables, etc. Therefore, when making key decisions about the development of the company’s website people can work with the gained results.
  • Informative content for the website. Virtual Assistant is considered to offer the whole block of different functions, which help to make the process of filling the resource with the content easier.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing). Implementation of services and goods within popular social media is one of the most important steps to make on the way of promoting the website nowadays. This is where about 60% of potential target audience is concentrated (if we are talking about the age range from 10 to 50 years, as older people are rarely interested in suchlike recourses). Virtual Assistant helps to promote your services and goods in social media effectively and fast.
  • Live Chat. In the Information Age people are not used to spend their time waiting, that is why the services’ efficiency – the main criteria of success. Live Chat service helps the customers to reach the manager and ask him all the questions of their interest. Filing the website with such possibilities greatly improves the overall service’s level.
  • Email marketing. Virtual Assistant is able to gather the website visitor’s emails, systematizing and creating a single database. This gathered information can be used for mailing the sales letters, informing about special proposals, promotions and sales. It goes without saying that as a result the risk of your clients forgetting about you decreases.

MoveUp Solutions offers effective solution for your business. The website development, data gathering and processing, interaction with clients, etc. – our company offers you to effectively increase the efficiency level of your business in short period of time with the help of the Virtual Assistant. You will no longer have to deal with developing the website or paying somebody to do it. MoveUp deals with any tasks of the kind easily.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Just like in any other business, the main advantage is professionalism. If the matter is taken care of by a high-class specialist, it will not take long to see the results. Filling the website with articles is one of the principal directions of our business. Besides, we provide round-the-clock support of the side in terms of the above-mentioned possibilities, starting with the Live Chat and finishing with SMM.

It is important to understand that remote website development has to be done by the qualified specialists, who understand the issue. Any mistake in this sphere can turn out in great loss of audience and money. For us it is a day-to-day routine, in which we, once again, are the best. It’s time of progressive decisions and MoveUp is the best guide on the way to this goal.

Working with us you can count on:

  • an individual approach to the development and implementation of a working strategy;
  • stable progress and regular development of the website;
  • Round-the-clock support on any issues related to outsourcing, marketing and telemarketing;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Responsible approach to business;

If you are interested in the remote website development with the help of Virtual Assistant, please refer to the phone numbers on the website.