The transfer of ЕВРР is outsourced to the public utility company

The company, which was engaged in sale of electricity and served millions of customers, was expanding its market position gradually turning to the gas segment. It had the opportunity to exchange customers among the segments using its database and offering them new or additional services. Besides, with the support of engineers, the company had the opportunity to align the process for the execution of orders, which are processed by the financial service. The rapid development of the company into a diversified one became a reality.

The devices that read the indicators of electricity and gas were connected to the host computer via the Internet with the help of portable devices of the remote access. This helped to save money on the data processing and to increase your profit.

To transfer its activity on technological rails quickly, the company began the cooperation with the provider of outsourcing services to create a system of direct billing for the establishment and development of contacts with their customers. Such billing systems had to be implemented in already existing facilities, giving the company the ability to invoice for multiple orders at the same time. In addition to this, the first point of verbal contact with the consumer, that is, the call centers have made it possible to meet the customers’ demands in the mode of “one window”. These centres were connected through  programmes of relationship management with customers with the client database which was connected with both the program of incoming and outgoing electronic communications processing and with the billing system provider.

The ability of the provider at workflow management was used to control credit that is disputes management coordination and solving disputes online. The integration between financial and engineering services also meant that the centre of calls processing can become the basis for the creation of the centre for providing customers with automated multidisciplinary services, destroying unwanted internal and external information exchange.