The service “Live chat”

Before making a purchase, each customer wants to examine the proposal, to see the product characteristics and to get as more information according to the good as possible. While making a purchase online in the store, you have a chance to talk to the Manager “live”, that is, to engage in live chat but not only to review things in the picture and read their description. It is not always quite convenient to make calls or use email, so the live chat utility for customers attendance gives some advantages of using this service:

  • online communication with the customer (consultant-human or robot);
  • the quick response to live chat (question-answer);
  • collecting and analyzing data about the visitor (location, contact information, questionnaire);
  • estimation of the manager’s competence (correspondence AutoSave gives the option of viewing texts at any time and for any period);
  • equal distribution of duties between the operators for providing attention to each guest.

Online consulting branch helps many consumers to make the right decision, to get rid of doubts and to make a good choice. This increases customers flow and, consequently, increase sales.

Outsourcing Facility for the Implementation of Live Chat

The pop-up window attracts those who don’t like chatting on the phone or who make purchases while doing the other things, not allowing to be distracted by a phone call. We should also remember about people with special needs (hearing-impaired or customers with speech disorders). Online communication is the right thing for such cases. And the outsourcing support of MoveUp Company organizes online chat for the website of your trading platform at the highest level.

The company has a team of qualified operators who will be trained on the range of your product. This will allow them to explain all the nuances to a potential client and to give practical advice on product selection in the process of interactivity.

Besides the correspondence, the technical base of our company allows you to organize live web chat, during which there is an opportunity to demonstrate the purchased device in action, or to convince the client of the product integrity and to add a video review of the purchase to a guidance.

Online chatting utility for communication with customers is implemented by a large team of our consultants, and their coordinated work will not leave any case without attention. Real-time consultations help the consumers to navigate and to make a purchase quicker. Satisfied users will return to your store more than once. Outsourcing MoveUp service will provide you with a powerful tool to increase your profits in the way of running online chats with consumers for a reasonable fee.