Telephone marketing – telephone sales services

Telephone marketing is a method actively used by marketers, the essence of which is to increase the volume of product sales through telephone communication.

Telemarketing is divided into:

  • Incoming – work with incoming requests; processed and systematized information received from customers, which preserves and increases the level of sales of goods and services;
  • Outgoing – stimulates sales, using information that the seller received during communication with a permanent or potential buyer.

Constant telephone sales are an effective way to increase the company’s revenue.

Active sales by phone are a popular tool used to increase profits in business. The operator of the service, making phone calls to consumers, stimulates the desire to purchase a product or service. If the client refused, the reason for this behavior is determined.

Processing of the information received in the course of telephone sales helps to efficiently correct the methods of selling products and selling services, make corrections and adjustments. Often, profit growth is achieved as a result of minor improvements, which buyers themselves provoke in the course of communication with sellers.

Telephone sales are also used to differentiate buyers into categories according to their needs. This separation is necessary when introducing new products in the product line or service sector.

Advantages of MoveUp:

  • A lot of operators;
  • Experience in the market;
  • 24-hour working hours without holidays;
  • A huge number of projects.

Algorithm of cooperation

  1. Calling the company or online application;
  2. Communication with the outsourcing manager and resolving all issues;
  3. Signing of the contract;
  4. Our implementation of the preparatory work:
  • drawing up a talk plan;
  • formation of a contact database;
  • the creation of a program of statistical reports;
  • probation of operators;
  • calls in a test mode;
  • amendments and adjustments.
  1. Run the project, daily report as dialog entries;
  2. Informing of potential customers, applications and appointments.

The following parameters are used to distinguish between client groups:

  • Geographical – territorial needs, depending on the place of residence (region, country, locality);
  • Demographic – the difference in needs according to age, social status, ethnicity, etc.;
  • Professional – certain desires of persons of various professional activities.

Buying telemarketing services from MoveUp, you get a guarantee of high-quality service and sales growth of your company. We will give you objective information that will help to develop a strategy for the development of your business. Our offers are characterized by high efficiency and low competitive price.

The main stages of telephone marketing:

  • Calling possible buyers;
  • Providing the client with information about the product, its quality, the service provided and the terms of purchase;
  • Failure analysis;
  • Realization of the consumer’s contact with the responsible person for the terms of sale;
  • Transaction completion.

The sequence of the plan can be changed and supplemented depending on the features of the product, the marketing strategy, the scope of the product or service.

The effectiveness of cold calls depends on the information provided to the client, and on the professionalism of dialogue, the manager’s prompt reaction to questions and feedback from the buyer. Our specialists have a lot of experience in stressful situations, so they will solve such problems efficiently and quickly.