Telephone marketing on outsourcing

Telemarketing – a special tool used for sales growth, consists in a real communication between the store manager and the prospective buyer via telephon. This service helps to create a good impression about the company, fosters customer loyalty and increases sales of goods.

The company MoveUp successfully works in the field of telecommunications. In the list of proposals for customers – the service “Telemarketing”, which is carried out by experienced operators within the framework of outsourcing.

Advantages of MoveUp:

  • A large number of operators;
  • Experience in the market;
  • 24-hour working hours without holidays;
  • A huge number of projects.

Algorithm of cooperation

  1. Calling the company or online application;
  2. Communication with the outsourcing manager and resolving all issues;
  3. Signing of the contract;
  4. Our implementation of the preparatory work:
  • drawing up a talk plan;
  • formation of a contact database;
  • the creation of a program of statistical reports;
  • probation of operators;
  • calls in test mode;
  • amendments and adjustments.
  1. Run the project, daily report as dialog entries;
  2. Informing of potential customers, applications and appointments.

Telephone marketing is a tool to increase sales

Outsourcing telemarketing services are a fast and efficient way to increase the conversion of sales. They are very relevant for large organizations with a great many calls – outgoing and incoming. In such cases, employees have to over-perform basic duties in the position to sell goods and services through telephone communication.

Outsourcing solves this problem: relieves employees of the company of additional loads, raises the level and effectiveness of direct sales by phone, raises the prestige of the company in the market as an authoritative business partner.

The main task of the call center manager is to assure the future buyer of the need to make a purchase, otherwise, to determine the reason for the failed order. Later such information is used by the company’s managers to improve the quality of the goods, services, ways to attract buyers.

The main stages of the organization of trade on the phone, which are transferred to the implementation of outsourcers:

  • Offer of a theme and the plan of work of the telephone marketer;
  • Testing of contact center employees to improve the level of service and efficiency;
  • Calling consumers to advertise goods, services, to form a positive image of the enterprise;
  • Formation and expansion of the customer base.

Advantages of outsourcing telemarketing

For the development of commercial activities and promotion in the market, outsourcing gives such benefits to your company:

Guaranteed result – qualified call center employees have an excellent experience of contacting users of different groups, have psychological knowledge and persuasion methods;

Grouping of buyers depending on the location, demographic index, social status, profession;

Quick reaction of possible buyers – the consumer observes reports on the work of the call center, draws conclusions and corrects its strategic behavior in the market;

fast start of a new commercial project, depending on extensive communication (online shops, flowers and products delivery, etc.).

Telephone marketing is, above all, not cold calls, but a contact with a “hot” likely buyer. The services of the MoveUp contact center has been purchased by many people, who realize their business ideas, and give the highest evaluation of the effectiveness of the outsourcing group’s participation in the promotion of their enterprise.

If you decide to cooperate with MoveUp, please call us at the specified phone numbers. You will learn all about our telemarketing conditions.