System technical support at the outsource stage

The provision of maintenance services is included in the program of interaction with customers. It provides effective communication, customer support after the purchase, collaboration with the clients in solving specific issues arising in the course of using the product.

Many services aimed at assisting the users of computer technologies have become very popular and are in high demand. If your business is connected to IT, electronic devices, computer networks, the Internet, or your company uses sophisticated software, MoveUp company will provide you with support services ranging from the administrator of networks support to the maintenance of any computer equipment.

The advantages of outsourcing services

The use of sourcing resources has already proven its benefits:

  • economical use of budgetary funds;
  • time management in favor of solving important strategic tasks of the enterprise;
  • reduction of staff;
  • involvement of competent specialists;
  • instant start-up of activities without extra preparation.

Modern technical equipment, software, automation of all processes, adequate staff with a wide range of competencies, organized system of activities allow you to organize the functioning of technical support effectively. Reception of applications all-around-the-clock is also possible. The multilevel structure differentiates tasks between the fields of specialists’ competencies and evenly distributes the workload.

Outsourcing technical computer assistance of MoveUp includes comprehensive services:

  • specialists’ consultations on any questions;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • emergency administrator set-off to the location;
  • technical support through remote access;
  • network configuration;
  • installation and reinstallation of operating systems (technical support, Windows, Linux);
  • anti-virus service;
  • setting up mail services, WI-FI, backup;
  • software installation, etc.

All operations are carried out both locally and remotely (by arrangement). Technical network support and maintenance of the relevant equipment are also provided:

  • diagnosis and analysis of servers;
  • optimization of connections, installation of programs and drivers;
  • security information settings.

IT outsourcing provides a full variety of services, including information networks technical assistance, aimed at ensuring stable operation of information systems. This means plan development, daily monitoring of equipment, software updates, remote service (online consultation or processing of requests in the call center).

Applications maintenance will be useful for site’s software, enterprise management system, for tracking and resolving problems in mobile applications.

In any of cases, the assistance of an outsourcing organization will help you to reduce the cost of the development of technical support services and to provide their nonstop operation.