Supplying companies

Avaya is the most famous vendor that provides technical equipment and software to realize links and IP telephony. It consists of a talk transfer, a speech and data combining, CRM, transferring multimedia messages, cable systems and the networks with multiple components. Avaya is foremost in realizing of processing reference methods and organized cable systems, a system of voice connection of organizations and operators centers.

Center of speech technologies proposes the programs of recording, analysis, recognition and synthesis of speech, recognition of biometric data (Russian developer).

Nice is a world leader of recording the speech and electronic interactions (telephone communications, e-mail, IP) that is getting further information from them and does analysis based on this information. Specialization on speech analysis, WFM, quality control and customers’ feedback included.

Aspect is the same as Avaya, but with its own additional WFO series (dialogs and screen recording, QM, WFM, customers’ feedback).

Verint is worldwide supplying company to make the solutions for extracting, sifting and exploring different sources of information that include speech, images and text material.

Enghouse Interactive is a CC in a cloud. It is spread in KROK.

Zoom – recording system.

MoveUp provides an ability to work with such programs for bank organizations, operators, insurance companies and retail. The answers regarding the questions or approximated calculations is possible to get in the comments and via e-mail.