SMM and Call-center

Nowadays, call centers are usually reaching their customers in different ways – it can be a phone, an email, online chat, or fax. However, there is one way that is also getting popular amongst society, which is social media. Under these circumstances, call centers are now considering it when it comes to a workflow optimization, which social media leads to in most cases.
When it comes to optimization of human resources, usually call centers usу different tools, such as call recording, quality monitoring, and speech analysis. Some of the gaps in a training of call center agents can be fixed with the help of E-learning system, and when it comes to working proсess management, it will help you to be sure that a required operator is placed in the right place at the right time.
Integration with social media is usually placing a set of unique challenges for managers of a call center. Each of the operators should be responsible for one of the channels and maintain it constantly; there should be no need to change between systems.
Of course, the whole process of workflow optimization must be properly prepared and thought through. Because even the smallest issue in communication between an operator and a customer within social media can lead to unwanted criticism, as nowadays information is very quick to spread when it comes to social networking.
It is not a secret that social media is mostly associated with a younger generation, who happen to be your future customers. Moreover, smart business owners know this, which is why right now they are reorganizing their working process and start using more of modern techniques. As Raina Chapman said: “You can’t respond to today’s challenges with yesterday’s methods and still have hope for a future”.
In conclusion, call center, together with social networks will help you to always stay on top of your competitors and ensure a high-class customer service for years!