As we previously defined, this is a strategy to promote the brand of the employer. Marketing technologies are those that are used to promote either services or products. They are also used here: email-mailings, content involvement, social and mobile recruiting, including SEO, various programs outside the Internet, referral methods of information dissemination, analytics and ATS (Candidate Management System).

In principle, if discussing recruitment marketing, they have in view of ways to attract, involve and retain the applicant in full before making a response. But in fact, it is possible to involve methods that are used for subsequent communication with the candidate, and at the stage of selection. Our actions are to develop a similar universal solution. About this and the conversation.

It turns out that for the promotion of the employer’s brand it is necessary to use all those marketing tools that are used by online shops, or, for example, popular services or various reputable banks. It is worthwhile to understand the principles in the question of the usefulness of these technologies and methods of approach to attracting possible candidates for the recruitment sphere, as well as about the possibilities of applying them in practice.


First of all, let’s talk about mobility, since without it in today’s world there is nowhere: it is the compilation of daily plans, and booking tickets online (from any device), and social communication, and taxi order, and dinner delivery at home. Obviously, a smartphone should be considered by every major company as an explicit tool that allows candidates to give more information about the company and send out their resumes.

Strictly speaking, recruitment has long been to become mobile. For all types of mobile devices, you need to develop special versions of company websites, convenient forms of answers, where you can download the necessary data. Applicants in the West in 80% of cases use mobile applications to find vacancies.

Social Media

Implement mobility in the response process is perfectly possible with the help of social networks. For example, on Facebook, millions of candidates regularly come from smartphones, who will be willing to pay attention to announcements in the event stream and are very likely to react to them immediately.

More than one hundred excellent tools were developed for social networks. There is no necessity to reinvent the wheel because technologically everything is very simple. You can take on the following:

  1. Cross-posting – tools are used to publish proposals on the pages of VC, Linkedin, and Facebook at the same time.
  2. Analytics – using the social network information for complete understanding of the audience (analytical reports: likes, reposts, personal information, coverage, from which devices they visit); purposefully publish information where there is greater involvement.
  3. Illustrations – in the absence of a designer who, at the slightest demand, will immediately show you an attractive picture for a job, in order to increase its presentability, you can do it with your own. To do this, you can use existing applications and services that allow you to independently create visual support for information about vacancies.
  4. Employee involvement – using social networks to create a program of lawyers of the brand. Employees can be involved with publishing interesting content. Expanding it, an increasing number of users will find out about the company and its real opportunities in the market. Thus, interest and loyalty to the employer’s brand will increase significantly, as well as the involvement of employees.


Brand uniqueness

It is very useful to get the experience from companies having a well-planned marketing campaign, how to distribute the ways to attract users reasonably. For example, you should minimize the mediation between the prospective applicant and yourself, look for personal channels of communication with the audience, in addition to promoting the company through other job search sites. It’s good to have your own career resource, or directly to the company’s website to form an adaptive labor exchange.

With the help of these events, you will be effectively able to explore ways of attracting candidates. This will help you to use information when making a decision, to reduce costs, to understand the needs and interests of your visitors, and consequently – to develop the most effective representation of the employer’s brand. In addition, the existing capabilities of the company, the prospects for working on it, currently vacant positions, data about the staff composition and other descriptions of activities can be provided on the full page of your career site.


Marketing is a chronology of trends. Therefore, to attract the best and the most valuable candidates, you need to be aware of them. Humor about Pepsi, and “between us melting ice” will be very useful. The same is about the connection with the candidates. We should always answer him immediately, without delay, not to leave without attention a single letter. Candidates can be sorted – put on an answering machine unsuitable; scrupulously keep the base – your main power. Users who are loyal to you are required. Establishing feedback is necessary. Use a reliable and practical system for this purpose instead of Excel.


A lot of important technologies began their growth with advertising. Therefore, whatever one may say, advertising is the engine of progress. Automation is a general approach, combining all the technologies discussed above. It is also used for more simple publication of vacancies, and for communication with applicants, and for creating pictures to vacant posts. According to this way, we get a comprehensive approach to recruitment marketing. Systems that can provide you with a variety of services for your requests are invented. It is our goal since recruitment marketing is a set of complex issues that include a certain number of human factors, which is of no small importance, apart from technologies.