Dispatch Services

The dispatcher is essential intermediate between the owner of the load and the customer. The responsibilities of dispatchers are to track and control the movement of vehicles. These workers receive, record, and manage the vital information so that the driver could end up successfully and could carry out the delivery of cargo to the destination on time. MoveUp offers dispatch services of high quality. We will provide you with 6 important functions. MoveUp offers dispatch services of high quality.

Dispatch Services’ functions:

The coordination of common efforts – an important element to improve business productivity, and we offer all aspects. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE RECEIVE A CALL FROM YOUR CUSTOMER MoveUp works to become an essential and useful supplement to the client’s business. When we receive a call, our algorithm of actions is as follows: 1. Receiving a call and filling all the necessary information for mounting an order (the location of the goods, the freight car requirements, the volume, terms, etc.). 2. Calculating the amount and insert into the system to which you will get full access in advance (for transparency). 3. We are looking for a free car, that corresponds to the requirements, then provide with the necessary information. 4. We notify your client, that the order is accepted for the work and soon the car will arrive at the place of loading/unpacking. At the same time the most vital thing, that you will have permanent access to is a system through which you can get all the important information about costs, profits, the speed of work, etc. We strive to make the process of cooperation as comfortable as possible and clear for you.

Dispatch Services’ advantages:

Dispatch service of MoveUp is a progressive solution that will take you furtherer than competitive organizations. We use modern equipment and technologies to optimize workflow, but the most important thing is that we work diligently. For the sake of your and our development. Our advantages:

• the speed of work;

• the custom approach, taking into account the specifics of your case;

• 24-hour support; • guaranteed of increasing clients’ loyalty.

Your customers cannot be dissatisfied if they are served quickly, efficiently and fairly. MoveUp’s Dispatch services is a decision that will lead you to a new level. Additional information is available by contacting us using the numbers which are specified on the top of the page or make a call back request. We will contact you shortly.