Secret buyer – order service from MoveUp

A high level of service is a guarantee of successful progress. But the owner or the head of the enterprise cannot give an objective assessment of this indicator. “Secret buyer” is the most suitable way to determine the quality of customer service in a marketing research.

Most often the “secret buyer” is used to assess the level of work of people who are in direct contact with the consumer. These are sellers, call center managers, sales agents, waiters, etc. This method is also actively used in competitive intelligence.

The purpose of using the “Secret Buyer” method is:

  • Identifying the best employee or point of sale in terms of service level;
  • Exploration of competitors;
  • Tracking the performance of staff standards and regulations;
  • Evaluation of the results of actions for marketing activities.

“Secret buyer” is very popular among a large number of companies. This method is well suited for evaluating the performance of branches, parallel units and the level of service. Particular attention is paid to employees directly interacting with customers. The study takes into account the organization of the team’s work, mutual understanding between the members of the team. Despite the manager’s knowledge of the capabilities of each employee, it is possible to outline the exact state of affairs only by involving unbiased independent experts. These are the MoveUp operators – “secret buyers.”

Advantages of MoveUp:

  • A lot of operators;
  • Experience in the market;
  • 24-hour working hours without holidays;
  • A huge number of projects.

Algorithm of cooperation

  1. Calling the company or online application;
  2. Communication with the outsourcing manager and resolving all issues;
  3. Signing of the contract;
  4. Our implementation of the preparatory work:
  • drawing up a talk plan;
  • formation of a contact database;
  • the creation of a program of statistical reports;
  • probation of operators;
  • calls in a test mode;
  • amendments and adjustments.
  1. Run the project, daily report as dialog entries;
  2. Informing of potential customers, applications and appointments.

The reasons for choosing MoveUp when ordering the “Secret Buyer” service.

You can use this service by placing an order on the phone specified in the contacts. Our experienced specialists will professionally perform all the stages of the process, which are:

  • Appreciate the merits and identify shortcomings of outlets;
  • Analyze the level of training of your employees (efficiency, speed, customer support, goodwill, etc.);
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors.

Previously, managers and business owners used the views of friends and acquaintances for this. But the effectiveness of the “secret buyer” is an order of magnitude higher. It provides the most unbiased and complete data on the activities of points in contact with consumers.

The most popular “Secret Buyer” service for such customers is:

  • Food, clothing and electronics stores;
  • Banking and insurance companies, real estate agencies, investment funds;
  • Branches of well-known brands of services and goods;
  • Service delivery firms.


The MoveUp employee will analyze the specific activities of each individual organization, propose the preparation of a questionnaire – the questions of the “secret buyer” to the object under test when making a call.

The plan of conversation of the manager of the call-center is perfectly thought out to avoid suspicion of people whom we interrogate.

We guarantee the professional check of interesting shops and large units by experienced MoveUp specialists for fair price.