Our Results

Virtual assistant

200+ pages edited and added on WordPress
4000+ users’ information found
– Web-site optimization

FEEDBACK from Andrew:“Very responsive and cooperative. Able to perform a range of tasks that contributed to smooth operations.”

Customer support

– Ticket average response time – 12,5 min.

– Processing of up to 1000 tickets per day

– The level of customer satisfaction – 96%

FEEDBACK from Bruce: “Great to work with him. Every time again!”

Customer Support

– Improve customer loyalty by 70%

– Calls average response time – 4.5 sec

– Ticket average response time – 12,5 min

FEEDBACK  from Will:«was easy to work with, very communicative, did very good work, and eager to take on more responsibility. Would definitely recommend to others»

Interviewing by phone

CRM implemented for potential employees keeping

– Availability 24/7

22 interviews conducted per week with a positive result  

FEEDBACK from Amanda:“always I appreciate cooperating with MoveUp, and they proactive coming with new ideas to the original scope which help me to understand things better…”

DataBase filling

6000+ new users verified

– New and efficient way of the registration process developed

FEEDBACK from Anett:«Excellent team; Fulfilled all given responsibilities with high level of quality and motivation.»

Database filling, research

– Database creation of potential clients – 9000 contacts

FEEDBACK from Editt:«job completed
no problems and on time
I am very happy with MoveUp’s work and will employ again»

Lead Generation

– CRM implemented
– First in company’s history “cold calls”
– Increased customers return for 80%

FEEDBACK from Yurii:«Excellent agency. Honest, diligent and efficient. Will definitely like to work with them again in the future.»