Remote technical customer support

To get customers, to assist them qualitatively and to make them regular clients is the success of any company. Among other activities, the program of interaction with customers involves the provision of technical support.

Technical support generalizes and implies the notion of a set of services through which assistance is provided to users of technology products and technology services (phones, TVs, electronics, software, mechanical devices, etc.). It aims at collaboration with clients in solving specific problems that occurred in the process of using the product.

Customer Care Repair is offered by many companies for the goods they sell or provide. Communication with the customer is carried out via the phone, e-mail, online services etc. Created purchase requisition is processed by the operators with the subsequent retaliatory response. The service is provided on different pre-specified conditions:

  • on call support;
  • for a certain period (by payment);
  • round the clock monitoring and information services;
  • specialist in place;
  • organization of online forums on the issue.

A multilevel structure of support aimed at the distribution and differentiation of tasks between the areas of specialists responsibility:

  • first level – the primary one, the elucidation and finding out issues; it resolves and removes the most simple ones;
  • second level – more in-depth technical support assists the first level and solves more complicated issues;
  • third level – is the highest, it is responsible for the actions of experts of the previous lines and resolves the most complex problems, explores and solves the emergence of new ones, organizes assistance, if difficulties are beyond the competence of technical support.

Outsource technical support for the product – the benefits

Large companies may have their own internal division of technical support service. However, it is very beneficial and convenient option to engage external resources to organize this type of customer service (e.g. outsourcing company MoveUp). This gives you several advantages:

  • no need to organize your own office or call center;
  • budget savings;
  • time management in favor of the basic tasks of the company;
  • involving trained experienced staff;
  • wide range of skilled care;
  • start of teamwork immediately after the conclusion of the contract;
  • guaranteed solution of clients’ problems by the skilled specialists;
  • increase in the number of your loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Modern technical equipment, effective programs, automation of all stages, sufficient number of staff will give the opportunity to organize a round-the-clock technical support at the outsource stage. The operation of the service 24/7 and a hotline of multi-channel communication will result in the collection of information about absolutely all cases with subsequent transfer of the problem to eliminate it.