Recording system

Let us consider a problem: there is going to be a conflict between a client and an operator. The client is right on its side. The operator knows the subtleties of the issue and expounds an essence of it from the side of work specific to the supervisor. Supervisor is getting assured and believes an operator’s version because of absence of a point of view of the client. In this case, where the client is offended and still right, he/she will refuse the services. While the operator will continue its work, and will use this experience with the other clients in the similar situations. Therefore, a record can help to solve a controversial issue.

The second kind of problem is antipodal: here is a rightness on the operator’s side, thus the client stands his ground and approves that he/she did not get the needed data from the operator of CC, draws up a statement of claim for the operator and wins a court. Here the client remains at a loss.

The third variant of a situation refers to gaining experience by operators. There is a specially annoying client on the line when an operator is a super courteous girl who was able to satisfy the meticulous customer at maximum, and he/she not just was satisfied but also have made a purchase. A record of such case is being saved as a good example and used for the trainees of more than one generation.

If it is needed to track the actions of operators, a system of screen recording is used.