Processing of online orders

The efficiency and quality of processing of applications left by customers, determine the level of trade area service and its growth in the market. This action should be carried out with a particular approach, because exactly at this stage a lot of consumers leave baskets with the failed purchases. MoveUp Team offers professional services of processing products orders by customers in the online store. This will help you to solve a lot of problems and get excellent results:

  • economical use of budgetary funds;
  • reduction of the staff;
  • usage of effective outsourcing for the processing of customers’ bookings;
  • extra time for completing other important tasks of the company.

The advantages of using special utilities to work with clients

The whole process of shopping online consists of the following steps:

  • getting the receipt of the order by the seller;
  • payment of the goods by the customer;
  • delivery of the purchase to the exact address;
  • getting of goods by the buyer;
  • after-sales service.

Sourcing facility of online orders processing provides qualitative attendance at every stage. It has the goal of completion of the transaction and keeping the client with the prospect of further bookings. Outsourcing utility has gained considerable experience in such issues. It has a good technical base, possess a team of qualified specialists, that is why a high level of work at an affordable price will satisfy all your requirements:

  • getting rid of the need to organize your own call-center;
  • usage of modern technical means and software;
  • 100% reception of all incoming applications in any format 24/7;
  • polite and tactful communication with customers;
  • competent stuff advises on issues according to the product;
  • reply to customers and the processing of the order itself in the shortest time as possible;
  • full virtual office (creation of a database, tracking of application status);
  • implementation of technical support.

The perfect system of processing the bookings online at the stage of deploying runs the process immediately after the conclusion of the contract, since there is no need to do additional preparation, to pick up and to train the staff or to search the place for the dispatching office.

Additional functions

Active trading contributes to the influx of customers, increases the number of incoming requests, and profits and also promotes your business. All the processes and phases of work should be monitored and effectively managed. Therefore, MoveUp experts work as a logging and order processing service which involves not only responding to consumers’ demands, but also providing daily reports, statistics, preservation and analysis of information. Such facility of accounting and processing purchase orders allows you to control and coordinate the activity of the online shop systematically.