Plan of investment activities

Guaranteed success of your business in today’s market can exist only in the case if promotion of commercial activities is carefully planned and if information on possible prospects and positions of competitors is gathered. The investment company’s development plan has the main goal – to achieve effective operation for getting maximum profit with minimum investments. The primary guidance in the planning – sources of funds (your own and outsourced) and their transformation into productive capital.

Types of investment programs are distinguished depending on the projects of investment, which are differentiates by:

  • functionality – projects of renovation, development and reorganization,
  • financing – to increase production, to expand assortment, to improve quality, to reduce costs, to eliminate problems of non-economic nature;
  • the specifics of the implementation – projects which not interact with others, the ones that interact and those projects that do not allow performing other projects of the company;
  • timing – short term, medium term, long term;
  • the size of investments required – small, medium, large;
  • means of financing – own funds, corporatization, credit or derivatives.

Based on the varieties above, the requirements for building investment plans also differ. A well-designed implementation plan of the investment project is crucial for its financing, i.e. attracting the investors. It is the basic document upon which the lender makes a decision about investing in the project. The main task of developers is to raise funds for achieving the goals on favorable terms.

Analysis of investment programmes

This document contains information on analyzing such information:

  • implementation of investment projects;
  • analysis of the sources of funding;
  • verification of project implementation results;
  • strategic planning activities;
  • the timing of the campaign.

Analysis features of investment plan are actively provided by outsourcing teams which consider the conformity of the formulated items to the actual situation at the professional level. This will allow to assess the business plan of the inputs project and to determine the degree of implementation of the strategic planning objectives. For the success of the enterprise actual sequence and timing of the results should correspond to the given ones, considering the changing market conditions and other parameters involved in the ongoing calculations.

An objective assessment of the organization’s investition plans will help to react to potential risks, threats in time, to correct actions, to determine the behavior of the company at the market and to achieve the planned results.