Phone meetings setting

In what way to rise a percent in the market and increase the field of impact of your company?

How do you increase the number of contracts and how much do you earn? Are there successful sales without the participation of special departments?

What we offer

Meetings are committed according to the result where you personally will communicate with your customer. Moreover, the meeting that took place is paid.


Before work, we will carefully review your business and calculate your meetings.  To avoid spent time we won’t enclose the contracts with you if our expectancies don’t be similar from the beginning. We have many clients who accept our conditions. If you’re satisfied with everything we will be glad to cooperate with you.  

Best price

We motivate our employees, our bonus system received the result. That’s why we offer worthy price of our meetings.  We get the payment from realized meetings. Besides it, the price of your own worker much higher than our price.   


You have an opportunity of the full control over your opponents. Let’s imagine, call-center “MoveUp” is an intelligible and efficient method to get the whole market. Calls-meetings-sales-income-calls are exactly dependence. Your business becomes more stable and you receive more freedom.


Our script is the masterpiece of copywriting that is the whole heritage. Let’s imagine business-trainers attend our ordinary morning trainings. Teach you how to sell is not our purpose because we will sell instead you.