Outsourcing taxi dispatch services

Offering to outsource, MoveUp Solutions seeks to facilitate your life, to free the staff of your company from routine worries, so that there is more of your precious time to solve important strategic tasks. Take advantage of our resources and the experience of responsible workers. You will appreciate the undeniable benefits of outsourcing such as:

  • Saving money on the maintenance of additional divisions of the company;
  • Reduction of staff;
  • Concentrated work on the main problems;
  • Use of high-quality services;
  • Division of labor and responsibility.

Entrust the management of cases that go beyond your core business, to specialists, professionals in their field. It is in our power to provide outsourcing services in virtually any field (production, business processes, IT, legal outsourcing, logistics, personnel selection, etc.).

Outsourcing services of the taxi dispatch service

Is your business a taxi service? If so, then the daily reception of hundreds of calls, their processing with the minimal waiting time of customers on the line, ensuring the speed of the machine’s supply are the pressing problems that need to be solved. Dispatching services for the transport of passengers should be provided thoughtfully, tactfully and attentive from the staff. And if every customer is important to you, then the service of reception of calls organized by our company promotes the prosperity of your taxi business.

Dispatching taxi services provided by MoveUp will save you from the problem of finding a room for call center equipment, recruiting qualified personnel, purchasing equipment – all this is already available at a high level.

Advantages of outsourcing taxi service

The services of the taxi dispatcher from MoveUp will provide you:

  • A working communication line in the “24/7” mode;
  • Acceptance of applications by qualified operators (good diction, polite communication);
  • Creation of a virtual office (expansion of business in cities);
  • Realization of all ways of ordering a taxi (phone call, SMS, online, voice menu);
  • Use of modern equipment for excellent uninterrupted communication;
  • Specialized software (rapid processing of orders, the ability to control and manage the service, costing, etc.);
  • Constant organizational and technical support.

All these advantages of providing dispatch services on outsourcing contribute to doubling the number of taxi calls, reducing customer service time, increasing the quality of the passenger service, improving the level of servicing of cars and recruiting drivers, and attracting new customers.

Creating your taxi service with MoveUp will be simple, profitable and reliable, because our company guarantees you all the proper requirements for outsourcing services:

  • Signing up a long-term contract;
  • A convenient way of payment;
  • Start of work immediately after registration of the agreement;
  • Preservation of the database;
  • Flexible working conditions, mutually beneficial partnership.