Outsourcing dispatch services on delivery of flowers

Every responsible executive of the company faces many problems. Lack of time and resources, lack of qualified personnel, routine cares, distractions from the fulfillment of basic tasks. All this is now solved with the help of outsourcing.

MoveUp specializes in providing outsourcing services. This is an additional chance for finding time to do important things of prime importance. Our performers will take on some pressing problems and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of additional technical and human resources, which are followed by certain benefits:

  • Saving budget funds;
  • Reduction of staff;
  • Receiving high-level services;
  • Application of forces to solve the most important tasks;
  • Effective division of labor.

MoveUp’s specialists will help to cope with issues that go beyond your core business.

Outsourcing courier delivery service

This section will be of interest to the owners of the flower business. What, if not a product in the form of tender plants, needs a quick realization. The demand of buyers and the desire to make acquisitions without leaving home necessitates prompt courier delivery. This involves using good technical capabilities to quickly respond to customer requests and send bouquets to addresses. Do I need to organize a personal call center? MoveUp will gladly provide you its dispatch courier delivery service.

Responsible work, requiring the application of a large amount of strength, attention, and scrupulousness, will be performed thanks to courier services. The ability to promptly make a decision, listen to a client, politely apply and competently answer all the questions will go to the duties of an outsourcing dispatch office for the delivery of flowers.

Advantages of rendered dispatch services of outsourcing flowers delivery

100% customer satisfaction depends not only on the quality of flowers but also on its delivery. Therefore, there is a need to receive and process hundreds of orders daily. Our well-functioning reception of applications will save you from having to look for a room for your own call center, fill it with expensive equipment, and train specialists. MoveUp promises you certain bonuses:

  • 24-hour reception of orders in any format (call, online, SMS);
  • Quick response to a request;
  • Politeness and tact in communication;
  • Use of modern technology for reliable uninterrupted communications;
  • High level of software (control and management, processing and status of applications);
  • Creation of an online office (safety of the customer base, expansion of the field of activity);
  • Constant technical support.

Using the dispatching services of courier delivery of flowers, you will significantly reduce the risk of losses due to spoilage of delicate goods with a delay in delivery, gain many new regular customers, expand the market for flower products and ensure your own income.