Outsourcing dispatch services for cargo transportation

If you are the owner of a truck fleet and wish to receive the services of a cargo transportation manager, MoveUp is at your service. In our time of rapid pace of life, outsourcing becomes a rescue in many situations. This is an excellent opportunity to use the services of professionals in a certain area to get more opportunities for the successful development of your enterprise.

Using outsourcing, you definitely get significant benefits:

  • Saving the company’s budget (there is no need to maintain an additional subdivision);
  • Reduction of staff;
  • Maximum attention to core activities;
  • Use of resources and experience of an outsourcing company, which allows avoiding of many mistakes;
  • Effective dividing of responsibilities.

Advantages of transport outsourcing

Thus, it becomes clear that the provision of outsourcing dispatch services for cargo transportation is very popular and expedient, since it assumes the start of work immediately after signing up the contract – the experience of our employees does not require additional training and time to establish coordinated activities. There is no need to equip the call center office for receiving orders, dispatching services for cargo transportation function online.

Outsourcing dispatching for cargo transportation from MoveUp Solutions is:

  • Qualified personnel (consultations of operators will help to quickly orient the client and rationally distribute the load, make a decision on the appropriate selection of the vehicle);
  • Modern equipment for receiving calls, ensuring uninterrupted high-quality communication;
  • Operation of the communication line in a 24-hour mode without interruptions and days off;
  • Creation of a virtual office, which expands the boundaries of business;
  • Functioning of any of the ways of accepting orders (telephone, Internet, SMS);
  • Special software (provides prompt processing of orders, record keeping, tracking of order execution status, formation of the database, determination of the optimal cost, control, and management);
  • Stable technical support.

The above-mentioned pluses of the dispatch outsourcing services of cargo transportation contribute to increasing the efficiency of your cargo taxi fleet, entering the big market, reducing the number of intermediaries between the consumer and the performer. MoveUp will be an excellent solution for the organization of the order acceptance center, which will lead to an increase the volume of services rendered and, as a result, an increase in the company’s profit.

Reliability of cooperation with MoveUp Solutions is presented in:

  • Signing up for a long-term contract;
  • Immediate commencement of the obligation to provide agreed services;
  • Guarantee of the safety of information and database;
  • Acceptable price.

We have many satisfied customers in the archive. Dispatch outsourcing of cargo transportation has proved itself a successful project, allowing to implement the conceived programs. We are striving for mutually beneficial cooperation.