Outgoing telephone marketing

Outgoing phone marketing promotes replenishment of information about the market situation and potential buyers. The received data promote growth of efficiency of functioning of any company, increase volume of realization and cause loyalty of consumers.

MoveUp provides high-quality services in the field of telecommunications. Our performers realize any kind of outgoing communication within the framework of outsourcing.

Advantages of MoveUp:

  • A large number of operators;
  • Experience in the market;
  • 24-hour working hours without holidays;
  • A huge number of projects.

Algorithm of cooperation:

  1. Calling the company or online application;
  2. Communication with the outsourcing manager and resolving all issues;
  3. Signing of the contract;
  4. Our implementation of the preparatory work:
  • drawing up a talk plan;
  • formation of a contact database;
  • the creation of a program of statistical reports;
  • probation of operators;
  • calls in test mode;
  • amendments and adjustments.
  1. Run the project, daily report as dialog entries;
  2. Informing of potential customers, applications and appointments.

What is the point of outgoing phone marketing?

Outgoing telemarketing is an effective method of studying marketing and trade through telephone communication. It helps to strengthen the relationships with consumers, based on trust and mutual understanding, replenishment of the client list and increase in sales conversion.

Outgoing phone marketing consists of:

  • Implementation of marketing research (in the form of questionnaires or surveys), which are aimed at determining the specific interests of potential buyers or prospective business partners, dividing the customer base according to certain criteria;
  • Cold calls – designed to reach as many potential buyers as possible;
  • Attracting new partners and selling products or services over the phone, which increases customer loyalty and sales conversion;
  • Reporting of information – advertising and presentation of new revenues to the counters;
  • The relevance of the client base – the preservation of existing information, the constant updating and supplementation of contacts.

Benefits of outsourcing telephone marketing.

By providing telephone marketing to reputable high-level call center specialists, the company can more rationally distribute its financial resources and save time for solving more important strategic business tasks.

Running your own contact center forces you to spend money on the necessary expensive equipment, through which you can actually make a large number of calls at the same time, use additional personnel, train it, find a room for work. All this means high costs and large amounts of investment. This can be avoided by purchasing outsourcing services from a professional company, MoveUp, which offers:

  • A team of professional operators with extensive experience in communicating with consumers and continuous growth of skills through training;
  • Powerful equipment, with which you can simultaneously make a large number of calls through multi-channel communication, which is extremely necessary for a large enterprise with an extensive customer base;
  • A decent level of work performance, tact and politeness in talking to customers; call-center managers have experience in persuading and establishing close relationships with consumers of any age category and social status necessary for cooperation;
  • Individual customer call plan for maximum effectiveness;
  • Providing reports on the work done and customer feedback.

If you decide to cooperate with MoveUp, please call us at the specified phone numbers. You will learn all about our telemarketing conditions.