Organization of customer support

Qualitative customer service is the main success factor of any organization. Your reputation in the eyes of the consumer would be beneficial for the development of the company. Making the business operations plan, assessing all the steps and possibilities, you have to pay attention to the organization of the service for clients’ assistance. To make the buyer not only satisfied, but also to make him become your regular client who will recommend your services or goods to his surroundings, you need to maintain a close and productive relationship with the consumer even after making a successful transaction.

The MoveUp company’s services will be the most useful in this issue. The popularity and feasibility of outsourcing support has significantly increased in recent years. Involving the branch of foreign customer support, you get:

  • retrenchment and reducing of maintenance costs;
  • trained and experienced staff;
  • wide range of qualified services;
  • guaranteed solution of customer’s problems as a result of communication with operators;
  • increasing consumers’ loyalty to your company;
  • compact staff;
  • time management for other urgent tasks of the enterprise.

The principles of operation of the company’s outsource customer assistance

Your staff is freed from routine work, and our specialists will be involved in the process and perform tasks that are beyond the scope of your business with pleasure. We already have everything you need:

  • trained staff in sufficient number (no single query will remain without attention).
  • technical equipment (modern equipment for reliable communication);
  • experience (tact, courtesy, social skills, fast action, a wide range of awareness, responsibility and other qualities);
  • full automation of all processes and performance monitoring.

After reviewing the details and basic information of your company, our team gets to work immediately. Your task is to provide comprehensive and relevant information, necessary for the implementation of qualitative client support, for the ability to answer all questions and to collaborate on matters of argument and for assistance in any situation.


For example, outsourcing customer service of the online store involves taking into account the suggestions of customers to improve the product and trading platforms, responding to questions that appeared after purchasing or regarding desired acquisitions, announcing the availability of the goods, promoting the protection of consumer rights, counseling services, recording reviews and complaints and much more.

Online service of information support for clients of the MoveUp company will become your reliable partner because we conclude the contract for the long term, provide services at a reasonable price, responsibly and conscientiously attitude to our duties. Through the use of accounting and process controlling programmes, you have an opportunity to assess the performance of employees (recording and saving correspondences), to create and preserve a database, to manage and adjust the organization’s actions effectively.