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Seven Questions to Ask Before You Outsource Contact Center

This article helps you understand key points when choosing an outsourcing company for your business. When it comes to a contact centre, it is important to pay attention not on the price of services, but rather on indicators incorporated into the price, and on the principles of operation of the contact centre. If your choice […]

Advantages of remote work

Numerous outsourcing companies find home-based agents more effective than office staff. There is a range of advantages, and we will go through some of them in this article. Reduce costs. The organization, equipment and maintenance of office workplace are much more expensive than to ‘rent’ a home workspace. Moreover, it is necessary to have staff on […]

What is Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

What is Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Virtual PBX Service is a phone service based on IP-modern to provide high-quality calls with the lowest cost. With the service “Hire Virtual Switchboard”, all clients need to do is simply equip phone or softphone installed on the LAN without providing PBX system. Virtual Switchboard allows you to […]

How to discriminate differences between Contact Center and Call Center

Contact or Call Center? The most visible image of a Call Center is many employees sitting on the phone answering customer calls. These clients use mobile phones probably already familiar with the image of the Call Center. About Contact Center (communication center) is not merely a collective where employees are wearing headphones with microphone (headset) […]

Virtual PBX (V-PBX) switchboard service

Virtual private exchange service V-PBX for enterprises. Customers don’t need to equip an internal switchboard that can still fully use the features from service provider network. Enterprise has 3 connectivity options: fixed network, mobile network, and combination network between fixed and mobile. Nowadays, telecommunication services are an essential need for any enterprises. However, the use […]