Multichannel communication and workstation

Today the main thing is a customer’s problem, not the way of request. It doesn’t matter for the customer in what way he receive the problem explanation. It might be through e-mail, SMS, Facebook, etc. For example, firstly you can start from the phone call, then use SMS, Twitter and many other sources. The operator uses just one app working with an application. Such systems are in banks, retail, insurances operators around the world. If you decide to write the question about your operator’s phone connection in Twitter one of the operators try to help you.

Everything is automated: receive and registration of the application, interaction with all ways of applying (online chats, emails, phone, text in a running line). On the screenshot you can see workstation operator who works with the incoming calls. Personal customer’s card loaded automatically with the phone number of the incoming call. Due to it operator see personal account of the customer where is information about all operations.