There are problems with technical support and software. Sometimes can be the situations when some parts of CC break (on CC reserve elements planning, at low resiliency, if preventive works are ignored, if support staff are unscrupulous). And if CC is planned with knowledge of the matter, with predicted fault tolerance then it will continue to process its normal functioning at an expense of the spare components. However, it is not full job. In case of worsening of a situation, there is a risk of stoppage of a service granting. Any detail, that seemed to be unimportant, could cause serious malfunctions. Monitoring systems aim at tracking and identifying similar troubles. They discover data of CC subsystems permanently, react on actual inconsistency and notify tech support about them any ways available. Notifications and signals from the monitoring system are being sent and registered automatically in the different customer accounting systems, to the managers, staff, and organization. The most used for this purpose service is e-mail and also SMS or phone voice messages.