Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the implementation of special computer programs and technical introductions for the automatic functioning of the marketing activities of the enterprise. Making up plans and calculating the budget, managing assets, trading and campaigns, working with clients and analyzing data are the main goals of automation.

Cases that were considered routine and performed manually, have taken on specially designed automatic programs now. Automation of Internet marketing gives such advantages:

  • Improvement of the conversion rate of leads;
  • The level of accepted commercial offers increases;
  • The volume of the average transaction increases;
  • The forecast of realizations improves;
  • Productivity grows;
  • The quality of interaction with customers grows.

Marketing Automation System.

The use of automation in marketing is a whole system, which includes:

  • Control of resources;
  • Feedback control;
  • Campaign management;
  • Analysis of marketing data and digital assets;
  • Online Marketing;
  • Email marketing;
  • Lead management.

Automation of sales marketing allows increasing the sales market, attracting new customers, and raising profits. To do this a single contact database, automatic advertisement distribution, online alerts, virtual telephony, the creation of tasks and reminders, mobile application development, email marketing and other important steps should be performed.

Is it worth to order email marketing?

A very important point in terms of accomplishing the tasks is the automation of email marketing. It is widely used nowadays in commerce, it is an excellent way to improve communication with customers, to obtain new leads, to promote the goods on the market, to retain and return customers. Other advantages are:

  • Low cost;
  • Creating your own customer contact lists;
  • Constant maintenance of dialogue between the enterprise and its consumer;
  • Programmed operation.

Automation of mailing letters is a part of email marketing and it is implemented with the help of specially developed programs. This is a very effective tool for online marketing. Powered by skilled specialists of our company, it will bring you real benefits in the form of increased turnover and profit from sales.