Mailing services

The relevance of business newsletters suggests that the email marketing service is important in promoting the company and increasing sales volumes. It is the main instrument of communication between the consumer and the company, the way to attract new customers and the return of those who left, the distribution of products.

Mass mailing of emails includes:

  • Planning;
  • Building a message template;
  • Creating content;
  • Formation of lists and database of clients;
  • Establishment of the frequency of distribution.

How to make a list of offers?

The distribution of commercial offers is an important point of online marketing, a strategic step in the form of communication with subscribers, a way to get more applications from customers. To ensure that the mailing is not spam and is guaranteed to be delivered to the mailbox, do not use illegally obtained contact lists. It is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • Mailing to the customers from the database, only those consumers who are already interested in your product or service, that is, by your own formed contacts after a preliminary investigation;
  • It is advisable to pre-send a message by real communication or to contact the buyer after (make a call to conduct a survey or make sure of acceptance and study of the topic);
  • Think carefully and compose a specific proposal and the contents of the letter (concisely, informatively, interestingly, it is necessary to fill in the fields “subject”, “sender”, specify exact contact details);
  • Individually approach to the appeal to each client (take into account the field of activities and interests, problems, up to obtaining information about the person’s name);
  • Use pictures to visualize the sentence (dilute the text and expand the information, facilitate visual memorization);
  • Automate the process of distribution (to track the stage at which the client is located, build relationships and “sales funnel”).

The maximum effect from commercial mailings can be expected only if the entire sequence of the step-by-step plan is carefully observed. Advantages of this commercial move:

  • An acceptable price, payback of the event;
  • Building close long-term relationships with the client;
  • Effectiveness, obtaining a real result.

If you wish to order the distribution of offers, you can rely on the experience and competence of our employees. This will save you from the time-consuming process of preliminary stages and the very introduction of electronic messages during the implementation of a business project. The guarantee of the effectiveness of the work of our specialists and the adequate cost of the mailing service will absolutely meet your expectations.