Integrity with CRM and reporting

ABS – is automated banking system. There can be few ABS at one bank. It is a storage of customer data. In most cases CRM (customer relationship management) system is used. A client card from CRM database appears on the CC managers’ screen right at the moment when a call comes in. The operator can see all the needed info: an account balance, the recent operations, the credits and the offers related to them. If it is an online store then the operator can see recently chosen or bought products and offers related to these items. Also there can be written kids dates of birth and their ages (in a toy store). To help providers there can be an info about operating system and IT-awareness. Consolidation of information to increase an efficiency and decrease a time of a processing of references.

It is considered that it isn’t easy to adopt CRM abilities and CC-solutions for current business-processes. Thus an efficient integrity of the processes is needed.

Analysis usually goes in parallel. It usually integrates either within call-center or by itself within BI-system of a client. Such integrated system allows to avoid getting a data from the different additional systems (call recording and management, record keeping of staff) and their manual processing.