Do you have a desire to have excellent trade employees HR manager? He did not need a workplace, pay for sick leave, and did not require replacement for the holiday period? Then you should give this work to the remote support of MoveUp!


Here are five main advantages of outsourcing cooperation from MoveUp:

  • the absence of downtime and delays in work – HR manager needs in vacation or sick leave; during this period you will not have the opportunity to look for candidates effectively, select and evaluate them for the vacancy of the seller, sales agent, manager, etc. Any lost day due to the absence of a personnel officer results in losses for the enterprise;
  • budget saving – a staff member must be provided with the workplace, computer equipment, full social package, salary, pay tax contributions from his income; when you transfer the functions of human resources management to outsourcing, your expenses will only be paid by our company;
  • decrease the time expenditure – a company engaged in trade always needs new injections – experienced sellers with good potential; one HR manager cannot cope with this kind of workload; there will be a question about hiring an additional employee or under fulfilling the scope of work; in both cases, financial losses are inevitable;
  • narrow focus – HR-manager is a “multi-vendor”, working with employees of different categories, while it is unrealistic for him to have the same skills in all areas of activity; experts of our team have an excellent experience in the selection of candidates by various methods (psychological, socionic), work only with sellers, and show a much higher level than ordinary personnel;
  • selectivity of services – if it’s necessary, we can provide outsourcing of personnel in the complex – starting with the search for candidates and ending with their training, as well as building a sales department “on a turn-key basis”; if it’s necessary, we provide each required service separately.