How to choose a good call-center?

To organize a quality call-center, you need to invest a lot of money, because you need to rent a room, buy all the necessary equipment, and find and train employees, and then pay them salaries each month, hoping to get a real result. Such a scheme is very difficult to implement, especially if you are […]

Who needs a call-center and what is it for?

Many have heard about call-centers, and most people have the wrong impression that the only role of call-center employees is to ring up people. This is a superficial judgment based on the fact that the rest of the work and functions of such organizations remain behind the scenes. Well, now we will tell you what […]

What are the outsourcing call-centers and what are they needed for?

  We live in the era of capitalism and there is a constant growth of the economy within in the civilized countries. Its growth causes the appearance of more and more companies competing with each other. The main problem of most companies is competition, which is the reason to constantly invent new and new methods […]

The Remote Content Manager: filling the online store catalog

In the process of creating a website inevitably there is a need of creating and filling the online store with the products’ cards, what is more it is crucial to keep the following rules: Each product should be presented in the most detailed manner, so that customers would not have any additional questions about its […]

Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant: development of sites under the key

MoveUp offers effective solution for promoting your business. We conduct a detailed audit of business processes to identify which tasks need to be solved and which aspects require the improvement of the website’s work. Virtual Outsource Administrative Assistant is a flexible tool, which helps to optimize the working process according to any customer’s needs, starting […]

Remote Executive Assistant for site development

How much does the site development cost? Almost every person, who decided to promote his own business, asks himself this question. It is a good question, although it should be asked differently: what is the cost of a qualitative website development? MoveUp Solutions proposes a quick start and scaling of your business by adding many […]

Virtual Assistant of MoveUp Solutions

Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant is one of the most effective allies in the website management and interaction with clients. This program is capable of taking over not only the development of the website, but also many other functions like: Data collecting and analysis. The system is able to gather and systematize the collected data, increasing […]