What is project management

It is a field that identifies and implements the objectives of the project, according to the amount of work, used resources (budget, labor, material, energy, etc.), elapsed time, and possible threats. The success of the campaign depends on having a well-developed plan, reducing the share of risks and appropriate management of changes occurring in the […]

Features of team management in the organization

During the launch of the work on the project, two top-priority tasks to be solved are: the recruitment of the project team and the organization of its effective work. Correct actions and responsibility at the very start will become the key to achieving your goals. The team headed by the manager is formed to take […]

Plan of investment activities

Guaranteed success of your business in today’s market can exist only in the case if promotion of commercial activities is carefully planned and if information on possible prospects and positions of competitors is gathered. The investment company’s development plan has the main goal – to achieve effective operation for getting maximum profit with minimum investments. […]

The investment plan of the enterprise

The investment plan of the enterprise Choosing an investment project and the direction of the investment activities, the organizations have limited means. To make inputs and to avoid mistakes is an important task while developing a marketing strategy. Therefore, the investment plan is launched after a thorough pre-investment analysis – the initial stage of the […]

Evaluation of investments project at outsourcing

Many difficult and important tasks should be performed by a professional staff. Recently outsourcing services have become popular in various fields. Taking the help of competent professionals, the entrepreneur receives: economical use of budget; effective work of specialists; reduced staff; additional time to solve his/her own priorities. The area of investments is not an exception. […]

Online Lead Generation Methods

  Online lead generation is the powerful tool to increase the flow of potential consumers, a way to attract them to your business. The usage of it brings great results in case if it is correct. Our specialists do it professionally qualitatively and they are happy to help you with it. They effectively use online […]

Mass Lead Management

  Internet lead management has become very convenient and profitable way of attracting clients. Powerful flow of new consumers is guaranteed when you conduct this marketing move with the help of emails, contextual advertising, and social media. Also the lead management model includes classic methods: Mass Media, mailing list, promoters. Mass lead generation successfully proceeds […]

Remote call center – what does it mean?

Only the lazy have never heard about call-centers, but not all clearly know and understand what functions are performed by this kind of companies, and what is the real benefit from them. The remote call-center allows to establish productive communication between interested persons, that is between the supplier and the consumer. In fact, the responsibility […]