Outgoing telephone marketing

Outgoing phone marketing promotes replenishment of information about the market situation and potential buyers. The received data promote growth of efficiency of functioning of any company, increase volume of realization and cause loyalty of consumers. MoveUp provides high-quality services in the field of telecommunications. Our performers realize any kind of outgoing communication within the framework […]

Exploring and analysis of competitors

For the company’s development and the effectiveness of the business, you need to plan your own advance correctly. This includes business plans development, the tools and methods of their realization, and the expansion of areas of influence. Consumers and competitors’ analysis is conducted within the search and analysis of sales markets. It is needed first […]

Competitors strategies analysis

Every enterprise has to know its competitors, meaning that it has to have the full list, made according to the rate: the main competitor, market’s leader, direct and potential competitor, etc. Such a register is compiled because of an analysis of competitors’ activities. This crucial component in exploring of the sales market allows to determine […]

Marketing management strategy

Marketing management strategy like other methods of reaching high levels of sales is one of the very important steps of doing business. Control over the fulfillment of assigned tasks and organization of well-coordinated work of all services and departments of the enterprise are the main goals of this part of a Marketing Strategy plan. In […]

Company’s Marketing Management Development

The goals and marketing management work on mastering additional sales areas and increasing sales of products or services. With this the existing resources are effectively used, adjustments are made for changing circumstances, and it is covered for a long period. As a result, the position of goods in the field of industry strengthens, competitiveness increases, […]

Organization of administrating the projects

To make the system function smoothly, you have to combine its individual parts into a single process, and that will be organization of management. The overall objectives of the project should be: • specific (effective); • foreseeable (date time); • realistic (achievable goals); • related (not to start a conflict); • efficient (profit). Getting all […]

Outsourcing project management

Outsourcing is firmly entrenched in various spheres of business activity. It gained popularity because it enables companies to concentrate on their core tasks and to entrust routine processes or problems that go beyond the core business to specialists in the field. While the promotion of the enterprise at the market certain problems constantly appear, problems […]

Project control services

Recently the concept of outsourcing has entered the business and it is still gaining popularity. This is a great opportunity for enterprises to get rid of routine problems and to come to grips with the main areas of business development. It is beneficial in many ways: budget savings; the acquisition of professional support in non-core […]