Organization of customer support

Qualitative customer service is the main success factor of any organization. Your reputation in the eyes of the consumer would be beneficial for the development of the company. Making the business operations plan, assessing all the steps and possibilities, you have to pay attention to the organization of the service for clients’ assistance. To make […]

Notifications’ Mailing

Emailing continues to evolve and for today remains one of the best ways to deliver information to the client. However, this only works if the mailing list is correctly configured so that recipients do not stop responding to it, counting it as spam. First of all, it should be understood that mailing should not be […]

Remote technical customer support

To get customers, to assist them qualitatively and to make them regular clients is the success of any company. Among other activities, the program of interaction with customers involves the provision of technical support. Technical support generalizes and implies the notion of a set of services through which assistance is provided to users of technology […]

Methods for optimizing business processes

First of all, it is necessary to find out what goals should be achieved by optimizing or reengineering any business process. To put it differently, first determine the tasks, so that the optimization eventually produces the desired effect. It is possible to outline briefly the main methods that are used to implement business processes: SWOT-analysis […]

Outsourcing optimization of business processes of logistics

The whole business system as a whole is a set of separate business-processes, which are related to each other by a single goal – profit as a result of the sale of products. And each process is an action aimed at implementation of a certain section of commercial activity. The very notion of logistics is […]

Email marketing and mailing

Email marketing for business in the modern world plays a very important role. This is an effective tool for its successful implementation. It provides an opportunity to establish a strong relationship between the company and customers (existing and potential), resulting in increased sales and profits. With the help of automated email marketing, mailings are carried […]

Analysis of competitors by categories

The struggle for the market is the desire to win the best opportunities for the production and sale of the product. In the course of studying and analyzing the competitors of the industry in which the company is working, the information obtained about their activities makes it possible to determine the degree of their impact […]

Telephone marketing on outsourcing

Telemarketing – a special tool used for sales growth, consists in a real communication between the store manager and the prospective buyer via telephon. This service helps to create a good impression about the company, fosters customer loyalty and increases sales of goods. The company MoveUp successfully works in the field of telecommunications. In the […]