Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback in a menu of a conversation evaluation appraises the quality of the operators of CC itself and asks the clients after a call with an operator is finished. As a result, a supervisor gets the whole picture of ranging of operators or regarding all the issues for each period of time.


There are problems with technical support and software. Sometimes can be the situations when some parts of CC break (on CC reserve elements planning, at low resiliency, if preventive works are ignored, if support staff are unscrupulous). And if CC is planned with knowledge of the matter, with predicted fault tolerance then it will continue […]

Supplying companies

Avaya is the most famous vendor that provides technical equipment and software to realize links and IP telephony. It consists of a talk transfer, a speech and data combining, CRM, transferring multimedia messages, cable systems and the networks with multiple components. Avaya is foremost in realizing of processing reference methods and organized cable systems, a […]

Multichannel communication and workstation

Today the main thing is a customer’s problem, not the way of request. It doesn’t matter for the customer in what way he receive the problem explanation. It might be through e-mail, SMS, Facebook, etc. For example, firstly you can start from the phone call, then use SMS, Twitter and many other sources. The operator […]

Integrity with CRM and reporting

ABS – is automated banking system. There can be few ABS at one bank. It is a storage of customer data. In most cases CRM (customer relationship management) system is used. A client card from CRM database appears on the CC managers’ screen right at the moment when a call comes in. The operator can […]

Speech analysis

The robots are able to identify many words (it is not a rule, but frequently happens), and so use this ability. Consider an example. Our computing power solve the tasks regarding a moment of inactivity by implementation of banking programs. There are 40-50 thousand of calls where a machine finds the pauses, analyses everything happened […]

Voice synthesis

Voice synthesis is applied to operation of interactive voice response systems (IVR). The most popular function of the voice synthesis is to name the subscriber a certain numerical size: balance on the cash card or on the mobile phone, the size of a contribution for the credit. Moreover, there is possible to inform about the […]

What skills are needed for advanced call-center in the IT field? (with possible options)

5-6 years ago it couldn’t be true that it is possible to carry out an authentication in the voice call-center. In addition to it, search of key words while voice recognition and understanding what happened before and after pause more than 3 seconds were something fantastic. Nowadays it’s valid solutions. Speaking about the automatic system […]