Decision Maker

Many people with irony remember their reaction on different abbreviations and slang which assimilate on trainings while practice. Remember your own first experience in getting profession, which cause the work with people. Many beginning consultants are puzzled with letter combination DM. Everything depends from this person, because he can bring as positive as chagrin while […]

Outsourcing financial transactions

By outsourcing large areas of financial operations, the organization takes on the management of processes, which makes it possible to reduce delay of payment on accounts, to reduce working capital and to improve financial forecasting. Thus, we have the following benefits: reducing the cost of financing investment capital; effective work of automated financial systems. improvements […]

Management of the credits

For tracking the level of profit by cooperation with customers, for successful credit activities and for full understanding of how the cost is created in the company, in all these, the financial  manager is helped by the easier access to the conformal financial information. Thus, managers in sales, finance and marketing can make informed decisions […]

The transfer of ЕВРР is outsourced to the public utility company

The company, which was engaged in sale of electricity and served millions of customers, was expanding its market position gradually turning to the gas segment. It had the opportunity to exchange customers among the segments using its database and offering them new or additional services. Besides, with the support of engineers, the company had the […]

Workforce Management – contact center control

To make a schedule use WFM-program. For the office with less than 50 people you can work with Excel. If there are more than 100 people realize the task become harder for several compilers. The task will not be done well. According to the law the schedule must be created and informed workers in advance. […]

Outgoing calling procedure

Let’s imagine, 50 people have made applications in the online store at night. Now you have to call them. To do it operator will call all of these 50 people which is irrational. In the big call-center this work performs one free operator who starts calling procedure. Due to statistics, there will be only 7 […]

Voice identification

It is possible to execute a copy of each human voice according to characteristic changes of sounds. If the phone call is without extraneous noises (wind, operating technique) and from the same telephone set is possible to carry out recognition. The speech fragment of 6 seconds is distinguished with an accuracy of 90 – 95% […]

Recording system

Let us consider a problem: there is going to be a conflict between a client and an operator. The client is right on its side. The operator knows the subtleties of the issue and expounds an essence of it from the side of work specific to the supervisor. Supervisor is getting assured and believes an […]