Decision Maker

Many people with irony remember their reaction on different abbreviations and slang which assimilate on trainings while practice. Remember your own first experience in getting profession, which cause the work with people. Many beginning consultants are puzzled with letter combination DM. Everything depends from this person, because he can bring as positive as chagrin while different combination of circumstances.

The result of your work will be 0 if your strategies are aimed on another person.  You can be professional in negotiations or high-educated psychologist. Is it the result of your conclusion of successful deal? If yes, then go to the director and sign the agreement. For achievement of the goal without fatal mistakes, you have to understand the priority in work and address your dialogs exactly.

There is a person who has connection with sales sphere. Special methods offers are developed for this person.  It’s needed to find ways for implementation of a conversation or meetings directly with DM to conclude the bargain.

The leader of the company and DM is the same person with the exception of huge corporations where he can be replaced at the head of the sales department and has full powers. However, you have to be attentive, because there is some hidden barriers. The successful deal needed hard work with existence of various aspects.

Such as:

  1. Find out who from your colleagues have received the result from DM with advertising offer. (There are cases when the manager was rude and incompetent, at the same time you get a negative impression from the company).
  2. Searching data about the company (on what your competitor’s company bases, success of performed projects).
  3. Creation of future client enthusiasm  (an attractive offer which customer cannot ignore);
  4. Development of the offer to the client developed according to the rules.

You will get perfect results while profession approaches. Don’t forget there is no difficulty of getting the meeting with the DM and receive his interest. Moreover, DM is the usual person with thoughts, problems and worries. You should have psychology features (mimics, gestures, “psychological stroking”). Then the result of your meeting will be positive.

You need to be inform in business (service, goods) with which you’d like to work with, feel interest to your business, have a positive mood concerning each stage of work with DM.