Consultation of customers

To increase the sales, you need to aim at close and efficient interaction with clients. The higher the level of customer support is, the bigger number of received applications will turn into actual purchases. Quick consumers informing about new products, surveys, consulting the clients on issues of the goods and optimized and well-coordinated work of Sales Department with an excellent level of communication will provide your store with high competitiveness and growth at the market.

Outsourcing service of the customers consulting session in the online store will be a great help in the realization of your commercial activity. Our operators have extensive experience of working with people, and they have undergone relevant training. As a matter of fact, it is very important for the consultant to speak literately, to be able to answer any question on the product and to make the necessary clarifications. Sociability, politeness, and friendliness are essential qualities for employees.

The advantages of sourcing for the implementation of buyers consulting

The launch of a new service requires time, an additional team of specialists, technical equipment, and material costs. By involving the outsourcing facilities to advise customers about the product, your online shop will benefit in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of introducing new methods:

  • instant implementation of a process that requires additional staff;
  • use of modern equipment and software for the nonstop communication and convenient processing of application;
  • the ability to control the work of consultants (recording with its further analysis);
  • cost-effective expenditure of the budget;
  • high-quality advice of consumers by competent operators;
  • the growing number of satisfied customers, attracting new ones and increasing sales
  • functional Internet office (database, call-center)

Advice service and customer support at the outsourcing stage in MoveUp will provide you with remote control over trading activities and with qualitative interaction with customers. Your task is supplying complete and current information about goods, catalog sections, booking conditions and other important data. Coordinated work of a professional team won’t set aside any customers. The more answers will be given to the consumers’ questions, the greater likelihood of their purchasing and becoming regular customers will occur. Your store credibility depends not only on the quality of products sold, but also on the level of service, convenience of delivery and payment. Applications admitting, providing complete data about the goods, prompt processing of orders, timely delivery – these and other categories of services will be provided for you by MoveUp to ease running your business for a reasonable fee.