Cold phone marketing – cold calls

“Cold calls” promote sales and promotion of products or services to a large number of customers.

MoveUp successfully implements the services of “cold phone marketing”. Becoming our partners, customers get rid of the need for large investments in organizing their own contact center and recruiting additional staff.

Advantages of MoveUp:

  • A large number of operators;
  • Experience in the market;
  • 24-hour working hours without holidays;
  • A huge number of projects.

Algorithm of cooperation

  1. Calling the company or online application;
  2. Communication with the outsourcing manager and resolving all issues;
  3. Signing of the contract;
  4. Our implementation of the preparatory work:
  • drawing up a talk plan;
  • formation of a contact database;
  • the creation of a program of statistical reports;
  • probation of operators;
  • calls in a test mode;
  • amendments and adjustments.
  1. Run the project, daily report as dialog entries;
  2. Informing of potential customers, applications and appointments.

What is the need for cold calls?

“Cold phone marketing” is an effective way to increase sales conversion, which is suitable for both large enterprises and small traders.

Goals that pursue sales via telephone:

  • The sale of a product or service to regular customers or newcomers. At the same time, the plan of conversation with the customer is carefully thought out, and the operators undergo mandatory training before the start of the program. In the course of a conversation they clarify the needs of the buyer, convince the doubters, lead the client to the idea of ​​the need to make a purchase;
  • Replenishment of data on potential customers – the executors of MoveUp in the course of the conversation supplement the information on the counterparty: the sphere of interests, financial position, needs; On the basis of the received data, proposals are formed;
  • Presentation of the company’s products to interested customers. In the case of a person’s disinterestedness in buying at the present time, his loyalty to the company is increased;
  • Identification of the area of ​​consumers’ interests in the categories of goods and services;
  • Development of the company’s development strategy – using the information obtained through phone calls, the leading company adjusts and optimizes business plans.

“Cold phone marketing” promotes the solution of such issues of commercial activity:

  • By means of direct contact with consumers, a brand image is created, information is received about the wishes and opinions of customers;
  • The loyalty of potential buyers and partners is growing, the position of the trademark is strengthening;
  • Get results in a short time.

To create your own contact center and re-train employees in telemarketers, you need to invest a lot of money and time. Therefore, it is advisable to transfer these concerns to outsourcers, which will save the budget and reduce the burden on employees.

The qualitative and fast work of the qualified call-center operators from MoveUp will provide a good result. Before launching a call, plans and themes of calls are carefully thought through and get approval from the customer. Then our client is regularly sent reports, and he can make appropriate adjustments to the activities of operators.

Important advantages of using professional outsourcing services from MoveUp:

  • Realization a lot of calls and their analysis in a short time;
  • Creation of a client base for certain criteria;
  • Increase in sales due to prompt transfer of the “hot” customer to the customer.

Have you decided to collaborate with MoveUp? Call us at the specified phone numbers. You will learn how to leave an application for telemarketing.