• Inbound line
  • Live Chat support
  • Ticket customer support
  • CRM filling
  • Order processing
  • Tier 1/2 Line support

According to the statistics of our analytics center, 73% of all customers make conclusions about the quality of the company based on quickness. How fast your employees react to incoming calls? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? maybe 10? Sometimes more, but that is quite a sad situation.

If your organization regularly works with clients, a call center service– is what you need! Our product is created using flexible software that can be customized to the needs and hopes of a customer. It is a true investment in the future. Let’s talk specifically about the functional call center services that MoveUp provides:

Inbound line. Well-trained agents are always on the phone and taking inbound calls, and can guide potential customers through your products, services, etc.
1st, 2nd line of customer support. If a client faces a problem, he calls to our employees that are qualified to help them and consult on their needs/concerns. Depending on the complexity or a situation there are first and second lines. 1st is simple and the most common questions. 2d is complex questions to which only the expernswer.
Live chat with customers. Clients do not always like to talk on the phone. Sometimes it is simply not possible. For such situations, we implement a live chat. A client will see a pop-up window on his screen, where he is able to contact a consultant and get the information, which he needs, for choosing a product or service.
Processing of tickets. Big amounts of emails can come every day to your mailbox. (Thank you, unsatisfied, or questions and clarifications). All this and more information is processed and systematized by software, which allows you to respond quickly to customers’ requests.
CRM Filling. If you use CRM system in your business, our call center operators can fill it for you with important data (names, contact information, order status, etc.).
Order Processing. Call Center allows you to respond to requests of customers quickly. Moreover, even if a person is unsure in terms of decision-making, our operators will help him to make the right choice.

Outsource Call Center. How we work

At the beginning of the project, we define a goal and develop an individual strategy, keeping in mind needs and nature of the target audience. Then we develop an interface for registering customer complaints so that it will be comfortable for both parties (client and a customer). After this, we select methods for keeping records, which we will use, start training staff and recording voice greetings. The call center is ready for performance, and you can watch your revenue grows!

The primary task of MoveUp is to serve your customers so that they will come back to you repeatedly. As our experience shows, we deal with their tasks perfectly. To achieve these goals, we will:

• find an individual solution for each specific case;
• save yours and our time with the most optimal algorithms of interaction;
• use reliable software;
• put the first impression of a high priority because we know that everything depends on it.

For us, definite and positive results are a MUST. If you are looking for the same, than MoveUp is a solution for you. For more information, please contact our consultants, numbers are listed on the top of the page.