Advantages of remote work

Numerous outsourcing companies find home-based agents more effective than office staff. There is a range of advantages, and we will go through some of them in this article.

Reduce costs.

The organization, equipment and maintenance of office workplace are much more expensive than to ‘rent’ a home workspace. Moreover, it is necessary to have staff on standby, in a case of growth of clients’ activity, especially given the seasonal factors. Expansion of the company becomes challenging. In its turn, remote workers can solve these problems in a few days without a significant increase in cost.

Higher quality of services.

Home-based agents are able to fully immerse themselves in work and provide high-quality customer support, due to lack of call-center buzz, colleagues’ questions, and other irritants. Primarily, your customers will feel the difference, as a result, company’s image will enhance.

Efficient workspace organization.

It often happens there is no way for the complete separation of contact centre departments and divisions. As a result, agents of cold calling line, technical support and telemarketing agents work in the same room. Work from home eliminates this problem and reduces the influence of stressful environment for the employees.


Remote employees afford you flexibly manage the working schedule. You get an opportunity to respond to seasonal factors without additional expenses. You can increase or reduce the number of agents on the same day when clients’ activity changes.

Engagement and quality control.

There is still a stereotype that remote employees are difficult to control. Supervisors and team leads are wary of working with a team of remote agents since there is no opportunity to check what agents were doing during work time. The fact is home-based staff is much more involved in the working process and easier to control, as evidenced in practice. Moreover, modern software allows tracking quality metrics online.

Extensive agents search.

Many talented employees abandon office job for some reasons. Today there are no obstacles engaging with someone, who wants to work remotely. You can create win-win conditions for both the company and employee with necessary skills. Furthermore, you can hire employees worldwide and organize departments in other countries.

Attractive incentive system.

Since the rent cost significantly reduced, there is a good opportunity to develop a better incentive system for remote employees. As a result, agents become more interested in long-term cooperation and perform higher quality service.