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    Quick start and growth
    Why choose MoveUp Solutions:
    • Customized decision for your business

      Fits-all approach does not exist. Each business and each client is unique. We will find a solution that is right exactly right for you.

    • Economy of time and costs reduction

      There is no need to invest in hardware and software. No need to spend time on the recruitment and organization of the working processes. We already have it all.

    • Highly qualified and motivated team.

      A specialist gives first impression of your company. Moreover, this impression has to be positive. Our staff is able to put your project to life and find individual approach for each customer.


    The start of a project begins with the meeting and analysis which will show what exact tasks the company should take care of and improve.
    This stage takes from 2 to 5 days.

    Pilot project

    At this stage, a model of work develops. To test both the software and work process. We make sure everything works perfectly.
    Generally, step holds up to 5 days.


    The workflow of a company is accompanied and administrated by a Project/Sales/Client Care Managers during the project.
    This stage is an on-going one.


    We provide you with the reports in any convenient form for the period you decide. You can see an overall performance in real time.
    We are pleased to see your involvement.

    Important Software

    CRM-system – an optimised system for managing relationships between customers and employees. It raises the productivity of their cooperation on each stage of your business.

    ERP-system – a system which was developed to merge both departments and functions of a company into a single unit. Therefore, making cooperation and information sharing automated and convenient.

    VoIP bar – a plug-in for calls, which automatically excludes a customer's history of orders. It saves time and increases quality. Thus, the efficiency of a specialist rises.

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    Complete observation

    Customer support 24/7. Each single customer feels confident by cooperating with your company via call-centre. Monitoring of all inquiries guaranteed.

    All employees have access only to the data they need for their work. It guarantees the secureness of processing the information about your company and it is easy as well.

    Confidentiality of your inside business processes is important for us. We have a feeling of the responsibility. It helps to build strong and long-term relationship.

    Our results

      CRM implemented for potential employees keeping

      – Availability 24/7

      22 interviews conducted per week with a positive result  

      FEEDBACK from Amanda:“always I appreciate cooperating with MoveUp, and they proactive coming with new ideas to the original scope which help me to understand things better…”

      – Improve customer loyalty by 70%

      – Calls average response time – 4.5 sec

      – Ticket average response time – 12,5 min

      FEEDBACK  from Will:«was easy to work with, very communicative, did very good work, and eager to take on more responsibility. Would definitely recommend to others»